Liv Trachtenberg 5S Think, Care, Act project

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For my Think, Care, Act project I decided to...

To help endangered pandas in China. The organization I have chosen is All the pandas in China are becoming endangered so I decided to help Giant Pandas.

Raising awareness and funds...

A friend and I had a Panda Walkathon at Shipley to raise money to donate formula to the pandas. We also had a raffle. The winner received a panda stuffed animal. We had rainbow loom bracelets, and we had pandas international bracelets. Everyone was invited to come and it was on a Tuesday after school. All together I raised 113 dollars. Inspiration, I think for everyones Think, Care, Act project they should focus on helping the world become a better place. I wanted everyone to think about why we were walking and who it could help.

Facts about Pandas

The problem is that many pandas have trouble breading. Their habitat and food source, bamboo is under attack all the time, by human's invading like natural disasters, kinda like the earthquake of 2008. They have digestive problems that lead to poor heath, even death. If a Giant Panda were ugly, they would probably be extinct.