Wind Energy

A renewable energy source

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is generated from natural resources such as sunlight, wind, tides, or rain. It is something that never runs out or can replenish quickly. Renewable energy is always found in nature. Non renewable energy on the other hand can run out. It took millions of years to form. Some examples of renewable energy is wind energy, marine energy, biomass, and more. For my project I chose wind energy so everything about wind is in the next paragraph.

Wind Energy

Wind energy is a form of solar energy. The winds are caused by the uneven heating of the atmosphere, by the sun, the irregularities of the earth's surface and the rotation of the earth. The wind flow patterns are modified by the earths terrain, bodies of water, and vegetative cover. Once the wind flow (motion energy) is "harvested" by wind turbines, it can be used to generate electricity. The word wind energy describes the process where wind is used to generate mechanical power or electricity. Wind turbines convert the kinetic energy in the wind to mechanical power.

How Do Wind Turbines Work?

Wind turbines work the opposite of a fan. The wind turns the blades, which spins a shaft, which connects to a generator and makes electricity. Mechanical power can be used for specific tasks such as grinding grains, and pumping water. The generator can convert the mechanical power into electricity.


Wind power can be captured efficiently and most people like wind farms. Remote areas that are not connected to electricity can use wind turbines to produce their own supply.It also takes up a small plot of land. Another advantage is the turbine doesn't produce green house gases or pollutants once it is built


Some people think the country side should be untouched and more pollution is produced while the turbine is being manufactured. Also they can't produ enough electricity for the whole community. They are very loud and they don't produce the same amount of electricity each time.

Books and Websites

Book:Energy Forever?- Wind Power