Explorer Team Newsletter

7th grade

September 28-October 2, 2015

Next Monday, October 5, we will be having a professional development for teachers, so students will be out of school on this day.

Our team t-shirts have arrived, but there was an error in the printing process, so we are going to send them back to be fixed. Those who ordered hoodies, will go ahead and receive them.

There was a mix up on the link to sign up for Parent-Teacher conferences and the problem has been fixed. Please make sure you click on the link below to sign up for P/T Conferences. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
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Upcoming Events

October 5: Professional Development Day (No Students)

October 6: VB vs. University Academy

October 6: XC at New Mark

October 7: VB vs. Antioch

October 9: First Quarter Ends

October 12: Second Quarter Begins

October 12: VB at Grandview

October 14: VB v Center

October 16: First Quarter Grade Cards go home

October 26, 29: Fall Conferences 3:00-8:00

October 27: 7th Grade Field Trip

October 28: 1st Quarter Renaissance Party

Meet the Explorer Teachers

Ms. Karen Salsbury (ELA)

As a 10-year veteran to teaching, Ms. Salsbury returned to teaching 5 years ago after a successful business career. Completing her Master’s in Education/Reading 3 years ago, her love of teaching literacy became the cornerstone of her return. She is an avid reader, loves her time in the classroom, travel and enjoys spending time at one of Kansas City’s local festivals, museums and attractions.

Mrs. Patty Steyer (Science)

Mrs. Steyer is in her fifteenth year of teaching. She has taught Science and Honors Science taught at Eastgate for 5 years. She has taught English Language Arts and Math at the Middle School Level, third and fifth grade at the elementary level. She strives to develop a curiosity about the world in students then answer questions with physical laws of the universe.

Mr. Kurt Koenig (Social Studies)

Grew up on Saint Joseph Missouri. Attended Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville. Graduated with a BS Ed. Secondary Social Science. I student taught and worked for two years at North Kansas City High School. This my seventh year at Eastgate Middle School.

Mrs. Amy Fiene (Math)

I am so excited to be a part of the Explorer team this year. I have been teaching math for 12 years. This is my 4th year at Eastgate. I got my undergraduate degree in education from the University of Central Missouri and my graduate degree in middle school curriculum & instruction from Drury University. I've been married for almost 20 years and have two wonderful sons, Trent & Tanner.

What's Going On in Class

English Language Arts (ELA)

Monday-Wednesday-- Learning how to write a narrative fiction story and pre-writing activities

Thursday – Library

Friday — Writing descriptive sentences

Homework — Students have a major assignment due on October 14. They have been working since the beginning of the school year on a book reflection. They should be almost done reading their book and filling out their rising action as they read. Once they are done reading, they should then write the reflection, talking about the book, characters, setting and their thoughts about the book.


In science this week we are studying how non-renewable and renewable energy sources work. Students will explore the pros and cons of biomass, goethermal, hydropower, solar and wind energy sources. They will read to comprehend the cons of non-renewable energy and why it is harmful to our environment.

*Please look at your energy bills. We will be investigating the data from Missouri Gas and Energy about the usage of energy in each student’s home. In order to do this, please send the graph of data about your energy usage sent out by MoGE over the Summer. Please be sure to just send the graph and not any personal information about your bills, etc.

Social Studies

In Class

In class students worked to improve the Cornell Notes that have taken so far for the Culture Unit. Each student should have complete four sections of notes. They were given the opportunity in class today to look at Mr. Koenig’s notes to make improvements, or to replace any notes they have lost. Each class also reviewed their notes on the Arts for a quiz tomorrow.


Review all Culture Unit notes, focus on The Arts because of quiz Wednesday 9/30.

  • What is Culture
  • Families and Societies
  • Language and Religion
  • The Arts


7th Grade Math

Monday: Complete Unit 1 Assessment; Complete Unit 2, Part 1 Vocabulary (will be collected on the day of the test)

Tuesday: Lesson 6.1 - What's It Really Saying (Evaluating Algebraic Expression)- Homework - 6.1 Assignment (on green paper)

Wednesday: Lesson 6.2 - Express Math (Simplifying Expressions Using the Distributive Property) - Homework - 6.2 Assignment (on blue paper)

Thursday: i-Ready Lessons on the Computer (There will be no homework this day)

Friday: 6.3 - Reverse Distribution (Factoring Algebraic Expressions) - Homework - 6.3 Assignment (on pink paper)

**Since we have now gone to turning in our homework everyday, instead of waiting for the end, students who do not have their homework ready to turn in will fill out a "Missing Work Log" and turn it in instead. This will allow students to turn in their homework at a later date. Student's grades will also be deducted one point per day that it is late. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will be more than happy to explain this new process even further.*****

Honor's Math

Monday- Module 4 Quiz

Tuesday - Lesson 5.1 - Percent Increase and Decrease - HW: Independent practice 5.1

Wednesday - Lesson 5.2 - Rewriting Percent Expressions - HW: Independent practice 5.2

Thursday - Lesson 5.3 - Application of Percent - HW: Independent practice 5.3

Friday - Module 5 Quiz

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Parent-Teacher Conference Sign-up

**TConference times fill up fast. Make sure you get the time you want. We will send reminder notices home about a week before conferences with your scheduled date and time.***