Don't Forget MUSIC SHARE DAY!!!

DANCING! Sorry, we will not accept any more people.

Note To Members

Hey, everbody, this flyer has a ton of things that you need to remember. Hope this helps you!

Members of the Dance: Brenda, Akshara, Melodie, and Victoria

Everybody, make sure that you all know what to do. If any of you can not participate, we can cover for you. After all, we only need three people. If you would like to do this amd then do something else, that's fine. Remember, it has to be 2-4 minutes long. So don't add to many dance moves.

Dance Moves

Start on your knees, hands in front

Open hands

Brenda and Melodie roll forward

Akshara and Victoria roll forward

Melodie and Brenda link hands and cartwheel to the side

Victoria and Akshara roll forward

Cartwheel forward

Melodie and Brenda splits

Victoria and Akshara roll forward in between

Twirl three times

Cartwheel in between each other

Form circle

In then out

Let go of each other's hands

Across roll forward

Melodie cartwheel left

Brenda cartwheel right

Victoria and Akshara cartwheel forward together

Link hands and lift foot up 35 degrees


When Mrs. Pyzik calls on you, remember to include everyone.

When you are going to announce one of your own, do not include the rest of us.

During practice, chase any people in our class who are spying on us. (Sean, Avee, Vanshika, Siri, Thanvi, ect.)

Make sure that if any people come to watch us do the painful stretches, let them see it, but then run away when we are done.




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