Mentor Monday

Week of November 17, 2014

Jingle Bells, Batman smells

Christmas is around the corner...only 5 more Fridays...or 37 more days according to the Christmas Countdown. Raise your hand if you've started Christmas shopping yet??

In Jason's family, Christmas doesn't really exist until about December 20th; I was raised by a single mother who started Christmas shopping in July to be able to afford presents at all. I can usually be convinced to wait until at least Thanksgiving to begin shopping but we started to look and plan our list this weekend!! I think we'll do this next year too...I forgot the joy of looking in the stores without hundreds of other people in the way and the frustration that goes with those other people.

Jason (my hubs) and I only have a 4-legged "kid" who is pretty happy with any kind of cookie or toy to destroy for Christmas and we don't do big gift exchanges with our parents and adult siblings anymore. But just in the last few years our siblings and friends have had kid after kid after kid so that we now have nine kids, eight of which are under 5, to buy Christmas and birthday for, just in case you are wondering why I'm speaking about Christmas already. Kids are T-U-F-F to buy want to get them something they want, but there are limits to under 5 gifts that seem worth giving. And unfortunately we don't see any of the kids in our lives enough to know what they are into at this moment in their lives!! Happy Hunting over the Thanksgiving break!!!!

Who are you shopping for this year??

Mentor Discussion

Grades must be finalized & posted by Wednesday

Your grades for the 2nd six weeks should have been completed on Friday, November 14, including a minimum of 2 major grades and 6 major grades. DON'T FORGET the grading policy change that went into effect at the progress report: Students have until the Wednesday (tomorrow) following the end of the grading period to make-up/retest any grade in the grade book. Grades must be posted and finalized by 5 pm on Wednesday, November 19.

Got a great lesson??

If you have a great lesson, let me know! Share it with Dr. Johnston and the APs. I love being in your classrooms, and especially to watch the lessons that you love!!!

Upcoming Testing


  • December 1-5, 2014
  • Test administrator training: Wednesday, November 12 at 7:30 or 4:00pm
  • This is the Monday-Friday we return from Thanksgiving break
  • You will receive a list of students taking each test, but please take attendance as normal, Ms. Bannister will correct attendance for any student taking a STAAR test

Dress Code plug

It is the expectation that dress code is being followed in all classes. Please have students fix correctable dress code violation (sweatshirts, jackets, earrings), collect any items taken off, AND enter them in the google doc -students don't/can't receive consequences for repeated dress code offenses if it's never entered.

If they can't or won't fix it, send them to Ms. Jernigan (room 234) and be sure to fill-out the form.


NFHS Upcoming Events

Tuesday, November 18

BASKETBALL (G) vs. Waxahachie HS (AWAY)

JV BASKETBALL (G) vs. Waxahachie HS (AWAY)

9th BASKETBALL (G) vs. Waxahachie HS (AWAY)

Thursday, November 20

SWIM-Frisco Invitational

Friday, November 21

BASKETBALL (B) vs. Wylie East HS (HOME)

JV BASKETBALL (B) vs. Wylie East HS (HOME)

9th BASKETBALL (B) vs. Wylie East HS (HOME)

BASKETBALL (G) vs. Crandall HS (HOME)

JV BASKETBALL (G) vs. Crandall HS (HOME)

9th BASKETBALL (G) vs. Crandall HS (HOME)

Monday, November 24

BASKETBALL (B) vs. Kennedale HS (AWAY)

JV BASKETBALL (B) vs. Kennedale HS (AWAY)

9th BASKETBALL (B) vs. Kennedale HS (AWAY)

BASKETBALL (G) vs. North Mesquite HS (AWAY)

Tuesday, November 25

SWIM-vs. Forney HS @ Rockwall YMCA

November 28 & 29 (Fri/Sat)

BASKETBALL (G) - FISD Tournament


The Monday Funny

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We don't do Elf on a Shelf but I'm sure some of you do...this is probably what would happen if we tried it in our house with Lola!!!