John "Plato" Crawford

Rebel WITH a Cause

Plato's Family Problems

The main problem in Plato's family is that he has been abandoned by his parents. Plato has many rich possessions from his parents, but none of them mean anything to him because he is missing the feeling love behind them. His parents have left him a nice house with a nanny and his father pays child support each month. Those possessions mean nothing to him without meaning. He doesn't have anyone to go to which causes him to lash out at others one moment and be needy the next. For example when Plato kills the puppies, I think he does it in order to make sure the puppies don't need to go through the pain he has. Another example is when Jim, Judy, and him act like a family and he expresses his want of it. This is a time where he wants to belong to someone and feel loved rather than alone.

Character Traits

Did Plato Change?

Plato did not change or learn from what he had done in the movie. Unfortunately he ended up being shot down by an officer. Plato thought Jim would have saved him and everything would have been perfect if it were just him and Jim. That didn't happen though. Jim couldn't take on the position of being someone that important to Plato for forever. Plato was never able to go get help and learn from the things he had done.


In the movie, Plato wears a pair of mismatched socks, one blue and the other red. This is a symbol of some sort. I believe this is to show both his anger and sadness. Anger is usually represented by the color of red, standing for the devil, fire, and other evil and angry things. Blue usually represents sadness and despair being the same color as tears. I believe this is how it is shown. The red sock shows his anger toward his parents for abandoning him. It also shows all the people who made fun of him or left him out just because he was a bit odd. The blue is to show his sadness and want for someone to just call his and to be there for him. Socks may not seem like a big deal, but I think these show something he is afraid to say.


Although there are many different themes to this movie, one that I saw happening a lot was the desire to fit in with everyone else. An example that the movie had in the beginning was the way Judy was treating Jim compared to the way she was treating him after the death of her boyfriend Buzz. When with her "friends" she was rude to Jim, but aroundonly him she had told him not to believe what she was saying about him because she was just trying to fit in. Jim also wanted to fit in being one of the new kids at school. He did the chicky run against Buzz because he thought it was something they just do there. Fitting in is a huge deal to teenagers especially because of the fear of beinng judged.

Who's The Man?

What is it like to be a man in the film? Who portrays that best?

In the movie being a man is someone who is strong and tough, but also smart, loving, and caring. Jim's father was not very manly because he was doing house work and wearing an apron all the time. I believe Jim portrayed this title best. Jim was the only person to step out and become friends with Plato when no one else would. Jim was also strong and tough. He knew the right thing to do even when people told him otherwise, for example when his parents told him not to go tell the police about the chicky run and the death of Buzz, he went and did it anyways since he knew it was the right thing to do. Jim is caring towards Plato's and Judy's feelings as well. He takes in mind what Plato was doing with the gun and helped get the gun away from him. He also takes in mind Judy's feelings and makes her feel loved like she was missing from her father. Jim is the true man in the movie.