By: Morghan Linehan and Ashley Palis

The Jewish Books

  • The Torah is also know as the Jewish Written Law and consists of the 5 books of the Hebrew bible, which is commonly known as the "Old Testament." The term Torah can mean the corpus of Jewish Law.
  • The 12 minor prophets is the last book in the second section of the Hebrew Bible. In Hebrew the word "Prophet" translates to spokesperson. The prophets in Judaism are not always Jews.
  • The writings in Judaism are a source of laws that regulate Jewish life. These writings are read and studied by believers of the Jewish faith.

Examples of Biblical Stories

  • Genesis 38: Judah and Tamar - Tamar married two of Judah's sons, after the second son passed away, Tamar was supposed to marry the third one but this did not happen because Judah stalled the marriage. Tamar then sleeps with her father-in-law, resulting in giving birth to twins that he fathered.
  • Samuel I 28:3-25: Witches and Ghosts - King Saul outlawed witchcraft in Israel but when he realizes that he still needed advice from his mentor, Samuel, who had passed away. King Saul decides to hire a witch to raise to raise Samuel's spirit. When Samuel is risen he becomes angry with Saul for breaking his own law, which results in Saul's downfall.


Rites of Passage

Cultural Traditions


  • The promise land in Judaism
  • Israel is central to the Jewish religion
  • Israel is home to more than 1/3 of the worlds Jews
  • A good land and "a land flowing with milk and honey" as described in the Torah
  • Only 20% of the people in Israel are not Jewish