HP LTO 7 Tape Library

HP LTO-7 Ultrium WORM Data Cartridge

The new generation HP LTO-7, in great demand around the world, adapts back-up, and archiving of enormous quantities of records, with supersonic swiftness in transport of information.

The Growing Need For This Particular Information Cartridge

The LTO -7's unique technology, in the mixture of magnetic particles made from Barium and Ferrite (BaFe) offers extraordinary functionality when record in addition to recovering information. That makes it useful in long term storage.

Using the advanced technology of the state of the art cassette that is BaFe, you're sure to derive great advantages in the magnetic tape.

BaFe magnetic particles as a top- quality technology can help raise the capacity, and durability of magnetic tape, and expand .

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Conspicuous Attributes Found In The Info Cartridge:

The ability to hold just as much as 15TB of information that is compressed

A 25 TB per hour info writing speed reading or is super fast. Compared LTO generation 6, your generation 7 LTO would have nearly double the speed of data transmission to,

In comparison to LTO5 and LTO 6, capacity and transfer speed have now been amplified by 17 and 11 times, respectively.

Minimal Disruptions Or Malfunctions In Copy Ensure Easy First Time Restore

To accentuate the storage capacity of the product, the business has gained high- condensed small defects for an improved error rate, and precision magnetic particle dispersion, made the magnetic layers thinner.Compared to LTO-6, creation 7 has recording density that is enlarged, by over two folds.

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Reliability, monitoring and durability functionality was improved by using material layout that was acceptable, while at exactly the same time; the storage capacity was made considerably better.

The ability to reliably store information for over thirty years, and greater equilibrium, continues to be realized through BaFe magnetic particles, supplying low discrepancy when it comes to magnetic properties.

LTO Ultrium WORM cartridges eases the formation of tamperproof archives, and compliant, bearing.

Simple, adaptable, mobile and impulsive as using other distributive and detachable media, for example an USB drive.

Beyond The Standard Operations - HP brand qualification evaluation processes for instance, external stress testingload/ drop testing, shoeshine, and unload, go way beyond the mandatory standard for the LTO Ultrium emblem.

HP Archival Life Guarantee For LTO Ultrium Cartridges - This ensures companies skill to satisfy with the ever- growing demands for data preservation that is managed and archiving.

The Cassette Isn't Dying, But Becoming Smarter And Better!

Because modern technological progress is adding more years of utility cassette storage stalwarts insist, and rightly so.

With the coming of hp lto 7 tape library, a brand new attribute named "Extended Copy" makes it possible for system administrators to conserve valuable time, by replicating info right between drives, devoid of the host.

By all measures one looks at it, HP LTO Ultrium produces value for money due to the various user capacity and flexibility comprised ; this is actually the game changer, archiving and, in data storage.

Covering seven generations of meticulously and capacity examined, all of your demands fulfill for back-up operation, ease of management and scalable storage, and complete dependability when restoring information, offering high storage density.