Wilson Disease

Every year only 10,000 cases are founded

Whaat is Wilsons Disease?

Wilson Disease is a rare condition that causes a persons body to store to much copper. The cooper builds up in the liver. brain, eyes and other organs. Over time, the extra copper can lead to organ damage that may cause death. The cooper gain can also cause brain damage and losing the ability to walk and/or talk. No cures have been found for Wilson disease. Medications are available but the often cause serious side effects.

How can you get Wilson Disease?

Wilson disease can only be inherited through an autosomal recessive mutation. For a child to get Wilson Disease from both parents have to have the mutation. The chance of a child inheriting the disease is a 25 percent chance. If only one parent carries the mutated gene, the child will not get the disease, although the child may inherit one copy of the gene mutation.