Country Music

Due May 11 and 12

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Popular Artists

Brad Paisley

Dierks Bentley

Alan Jackson

Toby Keith

Faith Hill

Kenny Rogers

Alison Krauss

Shania Twain

Sheryl Crow

Keith Urban

Carrie Underwood*

Taylor Swift*

Blake Shelton

Luke Bryan

Miranda Lambert

Lady Antebellum

Rascal Flatts

Project Description

Objective: Students will use the following resources to learn about an artist or band and their contributions to country music. Students will present their findings in an electronic flyer.

Checklist of information:

  • History of the artist/band (born/died, start in music, career in music, contributions to music, awards)
  • Event that propelled the artist/band to fame (song release, record release, record contract, music video released)
  • Top Songs (no more than 7)
  • Top Albums (no more than 5)
  • Characteristics of Country music
  • YouTube video
  • SHMRG chart of YouTube video
  • Citations

Adding a Picture Link

Type the word "picture link"

Highlight the words and click the chain link logo

Paste the website you got the picture from

Database Resources


Use Easybib!

Don't forget:

1. Website Title

2. Article Title

3. Article Author

4. Website Publisher

5. Date of production

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Adding a YouTube Link

Click "VIDEO" to upload a YouTube video directly to your Smore.

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