French Students!

Win £5000 grant to visit your partner school in France!

Improve your students’ confidence and motivation to learn French

A trip to France provides a broader, more enriching experience of the French language and culture and can help to boost Ofsted results at your school.

What is the offer?

There are two grants available, one from the Charles de Gaulle Trust and one from the Lefèvre Trust. They both offer student mobility grants to schools in the UK and France and can be used for individual and/or group visits.

• The Charles de Gaulle Trust offers a grant of £5,000 per school for students aged between 17 and 19 (A level only) who will be working on joint projects or study visits that can demonstrate a link to their school syllabus. A minimum of three students must participate in the project work.

• The Lefèvre Trust offers a grant of £5,000 per school for students aged between 11 and 19.If students in your school and your partner school fit the age ranges specified then you can apply for both grants simultaneously. You and your partner school could access £10,000 each in total.

What are the benefits?

As well as the invaluable advantage of experiencing the French culture first-hand, students will also benefit from:

• raised levels of proficiency in preparation for GCSE and A level/Highers oral examinations

• development of language through projects or study visits for pupils preparing for AS/A levels/Highers

• improved confidence in speaking French by practising with peers at the partner school

• increased motivation in continuing to learn French by exchanging language and culture in an authentic environment

• strengthened partnership and development of new cross-curricular projects for the whole school.

Who can apply?

Secondary schools, including sixth form and further education colleges. Schools must have an existing partnership with a French institution.

If you are interested in this opportunity but do not have a French school partner, has everything you need to set one up!

If you would like to apply

The grant application form and guidance are available to download from here

For more information, please email:

Charles De Gaulle:

Lefèvre Trust:

Applications close on 11th November 2014.