Lhotse Mountain Expeditions


  • Nepal, Asia
  • South of Mt. Everest
  • Tibetan Border


  • 27,940 ft (8,501 m)
  • Ranked 4th highest
  • Name is Tibetan for "South Peak"
  • E' original survey symbol
The very first ascent on Lhotse was by a group of 200 men. This included the first Americans in the Mt. Everest area to climb, local porters, two Swiss men, an Australian and several Sherpa guides. The Swiss men were the first to complete the first map of the Everest area. They were not successful up the mountain, however they did complete several short films covering local topics.
The first ascent to the Lhotse Shar was by two Swiss men, Fritz Luchsinger and Ernest Reiss. They successfully made up the mountain on May 18, 1956.

Success Rate

  • 96% Success Rate
  • 371 summitted
  • Peak adjoins Mt. Everest rising 2,000 ft above the South Col.
  • Its South Face is one of the steepest in the world, rises 1.9 miles in 1.4 miles
  • Route follows same path as Everest's South Col. once Yellow Band is reached


March 31- May 25

  • Costs $21,000 with one Sherpa guide
  • Need to be fit and capable