Gingko Newsletter

Week Three

Hello Gingko Families!

It has been a special week for the Gingkoes. We took a walk to Fort Greene Park where we found a bunch of Gingko trees! We were so excited to finally see our tree as a class. Francisco's mom, Jessica, joined us on this adventure and took a photo of all of us in front of some Gingko trees - thanks again, Jessica. We hugged our tree and collected some Gingko leaves which we later used to create artwork. This was our second trip to Fort Greene Park and it was a wonderful experience. The Gingkoes really love playing in nature and using their imaginations.

We also spent time exploring some of our art materials. We talked about these materials, what they are used for, and how to take care of them. This week, we painted with watercolors and created collages with paper and glue sticks.

Last week, we introduced Reading Workshop. During this time children choose a bin of books and find a comfortable spot to sit and read. This week, we spent time reading on our own. Over the next few weeks, we will talk about different ways that we can read; we can use the pictures to tell a story, we can also use the words. The Gingkoes have been genuinely excited about reading, it will be so exciting for us to grow as readers together.