Ignite Innovation Academy - Pitt



On Thursday, June 2, 2016, at one of these times 8-10, 1-3, or 6-8, you will have the opportunity to return the attached enrollment forms and meet the newly named Executive Director/Principal.

In order to ensure we can appropriately enroll your child, we need you to do the following:

1. Print off and fill out the Enrollment Form

2. Bring with you, an original copy of your child's Birth Certificate and Social Security Card (We will copy it for you)

3. Bring with you, your Drivers License

4. Bring a copy of your water or light bill that can provide us proof of what county you live in.

If you should need a copy of the Enrollment Form printed and mailed to you please reply to this email no later than Friday, May 27.

The Meet and Greet/Enrollment Event will be held at the Pentecostals of Greenville located at 2950 South Memorial Drive.

I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you at one of the times listed above. We are looking forward to an amazing first year!

If you have any questions before the 2nd please feel free to contact me via email at: matt@ignitek12.com.

See you on the 2nd!

Ignite Innovation Academy - Pitt Enrollment MEET AND GREET DAY

Thursday, June 2nd, 8am

2950 South Memorial Drive, Greenville, NC

Session 1: 8-10 AM

Session 2: 1-3 PM

Session 3: 6-8 PM