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Audio Books On Google Drive

I am in the process of creating availability to as many free/ available online audio books on our Google drive for all to access. If you have an .mp3 of an audio book, and would like me to add this item, please share with me. I will return your original once added. In addition, we also have our library audio books available on our follett-shelf link below. Here is the link to the folder which is a work in progress: Audiobooks_Podcasts_EJSHS_DeweyOrder Appreciated.

Audio and eBooks from our EJSHS online collection.

Access titles online at
Note: The infinity sign ∞ on eBooks signifies unlimited access. This means your entire class can access the book at the same time. If students log-in, they can also take notes on what they have read, print out their notes to a .pdf, and upload to an assignment on your Google Classroom. See video below.

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New Report from Scholastic Shows School Libraries Work!

Media Specialists and school libraries have a positive impact on student learning. Read more in the recent report released by Scholastic Inc. which can be found here: full report request

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