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Art work #1: childhood

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CGI Student Academy Award Gold Medal Winner Short Film HD: "Dia De Los Muertos" from Whoo Kazoo
Finding Dory - Official US Teaser Trailer
the reason i like art is because you can express your feelings in colors or ur sorrows in no color. You can be as messy as possible or as neat and pacient as a pen, you can do anything as long as you put your mind , heart , soul , and imagination in it. I learned this part of the year that art isnt just drawing and coloring , i first learned that lines arent just a line it is thick thin or even almost nothing. Shading makes things look 3-d.pPaper can be more than just paper it can be layered into something awesome such as a beach , a childs playroom or even what seems like nothing is something. To some it all up i have learned and seen art in a all new perspective.