Balto and the Iditarod


Facts about Balto

Balto lead the team to Anchorage ,Alaska. Gunner is Baltos musher. Balto caread 20 ponds of medicine. Balto and his team got to Nome in 5 days.

Facts about the Ididtarod

To finish you have to have 5 dogs. The race is 1,000 miles to Nome.The Ididtarod race is to honoer Bolto and the team.


Dallas was the first person to win in 2012. In the Iditorod he only won one race. Dallas taught the public about the Ididtarod.


Anna was born and raised in northern Wisconsin. After graduating, Anna moved to California and started working for a dog sled company. Working for a dog sled company wasn't enough so Anna moved to Alaska and started dog racing. Anna has a twin sister and they got together to race.

Jeff King

Jeff King was born in California. He has three daughters. He moved to Alaska to participate in the dog races Iike the twins did.