By Sharon G. Flake

Reviewer: Eduardo Ortega

One of the greatest books of all time. Praise to Sharon G. Flake for showing such a dark side of urban city life in the eyes of a teenage boy. Covering adult topics such as death,murder, and drug abuse

A coming of age story following a young African-American boy accompanied with childhood best friend Kee-lee. In a world where death is as common as drifting clouds, it's no surprise when the protagonist(Mann) younger brother dies in a shooting on his on porch. Even though his parents clearly love him, they're losing the battle. His mother struck with sorrow trying to keep the memory of her dead son alive neglects the one son she has left. His father is tough and distant on him in hopes to make Mann a stronger person. In a last ditch effort Mann's father following a ancient African tradition abandons Mann and Kee-lee in the woods to find their way back home and become real men.

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