Week of March 21st-24th

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~Welcome back!! I hope you all had an enjoyable and restful break! The countdown is on, and before you know it, summer break will be here!! This is the busiest time of the year with testing, reviewing, trainings, meetings, etc. Keep up the GREAT work, and continue to push yourselves and your students by setting those high expectations!

~ Shout out to Victoria for an AMAZING performance of Annie!! It was SO incredibly cute, and one comment I heard from a parent was "This is the best elementary play I have ever seen." Great job, Vickie and thanks to all the specials teachers who helped her make it a success!! Your teamwork is awesome!!

~Please turn in any nomination forms for Teacher of the Year by your lunch today(Monday). I will get the ballots typed up and put in boxes by the end of the day!

~ I am out the rest of this week at T-TESS training. This is the new evaluation system (replacing PDAS) that will begin next year for your evaluations. The training is all day Tues-Thursday this week, but text or email if you need something. Bobby will be on campus if needed!

~ If I emailed you asking for writing from some students about playground improvements, try to get those to me this week. You can put those in my box outside my door or in the lounge. I love reading them...I have gotten a lot so far, and they are hysterical!! ;)

~ Please get me your Elk of the Month name by Wednesday. Please remember to make sure and get the form hung up in the hallway. We still have a few teachers who don't have their "elk" on display. I know we can get busy, and it seems like one more thing to do, but the kids REALLY look forward to seeing their picture displayed. We want to celebrate them, so we need to make sure the form is displayed in a timely manner. Please get the forms to Lily by Monday, so she can hang them up next week.

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~ STAAR training is today (MONDAY) after school. Remember, this is required for ALL staff.

~ Carl, photographer, is doing retakes of group pictures TOMORROW (Tuesday). A note is going home with students today, and we will also be doing a call out. We received the form before we got out for break, but we didn't think the students would remember if we sent it out on that Friday. Retakes are due to the issues that occurred with the developed pictures, so he is redoing them all and honoring any prior payments as well as opening up new orders, if people decided the wanted to purchase. Please make sure those notes get sent home today.

~ There is no school on Friday this week!! Because of this, our spirit rally will be Thursday. The plan will be the same as usual. The rally will begin around 2:00. I won't be here, since I'm at training, but Kelly and the Spirit Rally Club have everything organized and ready to go. Makes sure to get me your Elk of the Month name by Wednesday, so I can have the list typed up and ready for the rally on Thursday.

~Don't forget to look for the "hidden egg" all week! Shout out to Kelly and the Sunshine Committee for organizing this! I'm anxious to see who finds it and where it was hidden!! ~ Also, sign up for the STAAR Salad Bar that we will have on the 29th! I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone brings and finding new recipes to try!! Make sure to bring something, so everyone has enough to indulge!! :)

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Words of the Week

Kg: EXPLORE- to travel in or through in order to learn

1st: INSPIRE- to influence or motivate

2nd: SCRUMPTIOUS- very pleasing or satisfying

3rd: CONSENT- to give permission or approval, to agree

4th:CONSOLE- comfort in grief or sorrow

5th: OBLIVIOUS- unaware

Here is a link to the vocabulary S'more that has online practice for the words. There are Quizlet practice sets that include both basic as well as challenging. These are already done for you, so all you have to do is get the students to click the link!

Don't forget to turn in the "Word-Up" Level forms!! The kids love it when they come down and receive their "word up" tags! We had one 3rd grader get both Vocaber AND Word Wizard because of her outstanding use of the words in her writing!!

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Monday, March 21st:

STAAR Training at 3:00 in the Library (ALL STAFF MUST ATTEND)

Tuesday, March 22nd:

Group Picture Retakes

Tuesday, March 22nd-Thursday March 24th

Kori off campus at T-TESS training from 8:00-4:00 all 3 days

Thursday, March 24th:

Spirit Rally @ 1:50

Friday, March 25th:

No School- Bad Weather Day

Tuesday, March 29th:

STAAR TESTING (CLOSED CAMPUS)- 4th Writing & 5th Math

STAAR Salad Bar for staff

Wednesday, March 30th:


Thursday, March 31st:

Kori, Bobby, and all Kg & 1st grade Teachers off campus at LIINK Training

Make up STAAR testing (if needed)

Monday, April 4th:

Kori off campus today

Wednesday, April 6th: ( No Warm Up Wednesday today)

Dr Chadwell on campus @ 1:00

Thursday, April 7th: (Warm up Thursday today :)

Kori off campus at LEAD meeting all day

Friday, April 8th:

Kindergarten Transportation Parade @ 1:50 (THIS WILL TAKE THE PLACE OF CLUBS ON THAT DAY)

Tuesday, April 12th:

Kori off campus beginning at 8:30 at Aspire Meeting

Thursday, April 14th:

TSR Part II and III due

Friday, April 15th:

World's Finest Chocolate Fun Day (for winners)

Thursday, April 21st:

Kori off campus at DLT meeting

Friday, April 22nd:

Last day for clubs

Kindergarten Field Trip

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