Invisible Costs

Costs incurr in purchasing a Property

Pre-purchase stage

During this stage, most of the Purchaser(s) are working hard to accumulate the 10% of the Purchase Price, commonly known as Booking Fee or Down payment. Some of the Purchaser(s) are eligible to withdraw their monies in Account II of EPF for purchasing a residential property with terms and conditions applied. However, not all the Vendor(s) are agree to grant the facility to the Purchaser(s) to pay the balance of 10% Purchase Price upon the withdrawal of the EPF. As such, please ensure you are ready with that monies before you make any booking.

About Us

TSL Property Transaction & Consultancy (002354726-P) (“TSLPTC”) is founded on the principle that to provide comprehensive, customised, efficiency and high-quality services, consultations and solutions related to property and real estate to fit our value client’s need.

Our major business aim and concept is come from ‘All in One & 1 Stop Consultancy & Services Centre’ with our principal business in:

  • Property Solutions and Consultations on sell and buy
  • Real Estate, Property and related services
  • Professional Services by arranging lawyer/solicitors to prepare your Sale and Purchase Agreement and Loan Documentation
  • Application such as Mortgage and Housing Loan
  • Free advice and consultation

Other Services :-

  • Life Insurance, Education Insurance and MLTA/MRTA
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance renewal
  • Investment, Saving Plan and Wealth Management

The role of our team is inclusive as out-sourcing agent for banks and financial institutions, to market and offering loan packages offered by the banks and financial institutions to suit your need. We will always updating the latest trend best financial package to suit your need.

Besides this, we can arranging the Professional Lawyer and Solicitor who specialized in Conveyancing, Bank Loan Documentation, Sale and Purchase Agreement, Transfer, Refinance and etc to assist and handle your property transaction. Our team of solicitor will attend to your transaction from initial till the completion and we will update you the status frequently and always protect your interest all the time. They will attend to the file from A to Z and you are totally hassle-free to follow up the cases. Our team will assist to monitor and manage the transaction until it is fully completed legally and you get your dream house as a result.

For the first time buyer, don’t be afraid and panic if you have difficulty in your transaction. Our door is always open to help you.

We are giving free advices, consultations as well as quotation for the estimated cost for legal fees and disbursements for your reference and budgeting purpose.

We are looking for business partner to work with us as well. We are offering special reward to you if you refer case to us.