Towards Confident Film Making

Learn to make great movies with nothing to hold you back!

A 40 hour programme to develop confidence in young film makers in acting, writing, and directing

Cork Young Filmmakers with Cork Film Centre are delighted to offer 12 places to young people on the 2014 'Towards Confident Film Making', a 40 hour film making programme designed to build confidence in aspiring young filmmakers age 15-21.

Is this For You?
Do you feel like you have great ideas, would love to follow them through but feel that something is holding you back? Towards Confident Film Making is for young people passionate about film-making, who want to develop their skills and confidence in the areas of writing, story-telling, directing and acting.
What's on this workshop?

Towards Confident Film Making is led by film director, Jane Lee. A number of other professional filmmakers will be providing training, guidance and mentoring throughout the whole programme. The first four days will focus on drama games and film exercises to unleash creativity and build up skills in acting, directing and crafting a story. In the second week we will put these skills to use in exploring themes, writing and creating a short film. Working along side Jane will be Orla Burke, Shaun O Connor, Ciara Hyland and Max Le Cain, all talented professional filmmakers who are successful in their own right.

What's different about this workshop?
Towards Confident Film Making is not just about making a great movie. It's about learning the skills to make a great movie - and to enjoy doing so. The focus is on the process of film-making, not just the end result. Participants will learn how to learn skills for themselves, how to identify and move past their own ‘blocks’ in writing and performance. It is also about finding your own authentic voice and having the confidence to use it.

Application Criteria:

  • You must be aged between 15 - 21 years old.
  • You must be living in the Cork area; we are particularly looking for applications from the Youghal area where we plan for this Towards Confident Film Making programme to take place.
  • You must be available to attend all the training sessions, see below for Dates.
  • You must be keen to explore and develop your skills through writing, acting and/or directing.
  • Some experience in film-making is preferable.

How To Apply
To apply for a position in this course, write or email to us at

  • Briefly outline why you feel this course is for you,
  • any experience you have, and
  • what aspects in particular you are interested in.

The deadline for applications is Friday September 12th 5pm.

If you are selected, there will be a nominal charge of €10. Applicants must make their own travel arrangements and bring a packed lunch each day.

When Is It?

TCFM 2014 40 Hour Programme Schedule:

Part 1: 4 x Saturdays dedicated to skills building with guest facilitators in drama, directing and writing.

Day 1: Saturday Sept 27th 10.30-4.30, (1 hour lunch): 5 hours

Day 2: Saturday Oct 4th 10.30-4.30, ( 1 hour lunch): 5 hours

Day 3: Saturday Oct 11th 10.30-4.30, ( 1 hour lunch): 5 hours

Day 4: Saturday Oct 18th 10.30-4.30, ( 1 hour lunch): 5 hours

Part 2: Mid-term: Tues. Oct. 28th to Friday Oct. 31st inclusive. A four day block to create a short film as a team implementing the skills you have learned

Day 5: Tuesday Oct 28th 10.30-4.30, ( 1 hour lunch): 5 hours

Day 6: Wednesday Oct 29th 10.30-4.30, ( 1 hour lunch): 5 hours

Day 7: Thursday Oct 30th 10.30-4.30, ( 1 hour lunch): 5 hours

Day 8: Friday Oct 31st 10.30-4.30, ( 1 hour lunch): 5 hours


Youghal, Co. Cork.

Venue to be confirmed.

Participants will work with experienced film professionals to develop self-confidence as filmmakers.The focus is on developing your confidence in the areas of writing, directing and acting for film. Principal project leaders will be Jane Lee, Orla Burke, Shaun O Connor, Ciara Hyland and Max Le Cain.

No one can tell you how to make a perfect film (though some may try) but you can be guided along the way. Learning to trust yourself and your ideas is an important step.

'Respect, equality, empowerment, quality standards, sharing of responsibility, skills and opportunities and nurturing creativity are the elements that make up the ethos.. '

Film-making is learning a language. By learning how to choose various shot sizes, camera movements and angles you start to learn that language and develop it for yourself.

“ How to tell a story in the most dramatic and engaging way possible, while keeping your own voice.”

This programme sets out to give opportunities to young film-makers to become more confident in creating and crafting their own stories. It aims to develop a practical model for working with young people who are interested in film-making where story telling is focussed in a way that develops their confidence in themselves, their experiences and their own ability.