Scene Sketch (Barrio Boy)

By: Kennedi-Kate Hogan Period: 5th

Scene #1

The author Ernesto describes in detail the arroyo that supplies his village.This shows his point of view by him saying "The arroyo,springing among the boulders in its course,pulled a dooling draft the length of the pueblo."We know this shows his point of view because he knows what the village is like firsthand because he lives there.Therefore,he knows it's small. This place is significant to him because it's there main source of transportation.We know this when he says "draft",which is used for transportation along water.

Scene #2

The next image is an adobe rotting slowly.His point of view is addressed when he describes the house.We know this when he says "The adobe was exposed in jagged patches with flocks of grey straw showing like wood grain on the ancient mud." He has prior knowledge of how old the village is by describing the mud as "ancient."He knows this information based on how long he has been there.This place is significant to Ernesto because it shows how he used to live."Grey straw" and "jagged patches" of adobe show that he lives in poverty.Average houses are clean and tidy,and this description gives us the opposite of that.

Scene #3

The final picture shows a walnut tree beside a pond.In the text he says"most of the year, it brought driftwood downstream and delivered it to the jalcocotecanos who chopped it into kindling.It supplied the pond with fish,but most important of all, it piped the sweet seepage of the forest to our town,always cold,transparent,and greenish blue."It's clear he knows this place because he travels there multiple times to fish or to retrieve supplies.The arroyo's main use is to supply the village,so why else would he know this place?This place is significant to Ernesto because it's the village's main source of food and wood.Saying it "supplied the pond with fish" and "It brought driftwood downstream" proves this.