Issue 16 - Nov. 13, 2015 - Excelsior Springs Middle School

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Over 50 students participated in the Turkey Trot on Thursday, November 12th. Entry for this event was two "most wanted" items for our fall food drive. Many thanks to everyone for participating and for their donations to the food drive.

Student Progress in ELA and Math

An update about academic achievement in English Language Arts and Math was presented on Monday night to the School Board. An overview of the ELA and Math data was shared on Tuesday night at our Middle School PTO meeting. Click here to view progress in English Language Arts and Math.

2016 Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) Grade Level Assessments

Starting the spring of 2016, students in grades 6-9 will complete the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) Grade Level Assessment for math with their designated cohort, similar to how students are tested in grades 3-8 over English Language Arts and Science. Learn more here.

English Language Arts: Reading & Discussing Nonfiction

On Thursday, 6th grade students read articles from Newsela and discussed themes. On Thursday students practiced reading and discussing nonfiction text. This week students have read non-fiction texts about human rights issues in our world today including China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and America. Learn more about the 6th grade ELA curriculum here.
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Immunization Requirements for 7th Grade Students

The 2021 cohort (current 7th grade students) will be required to have one dose of MCV (meningococcal vaccine) in addition to a Tdap immunization prior to enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year. Learn more about state immunization requirements here
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El Maguey Night - November 17

We are thrilled to partner with El Maguey this year to raise funds for our student activity accounts. Tuesday (11/17) is our next El Maguey Night fundraiser from 5- 9 pm. 10% of your bill will be donated to our student activity accounts.

Upcoming Activities at Excelsior Springs Middle School

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