College Board Access

Get Online Access to Your PSAT and SAT Scores

Why should you create an account with College Board?

Create an online account with College Board to have easy access to all of your PSAT, SAT, and AP scores. You can view score reports, connect sores to Khan Academy, send scores directly to colleges, register for exams, print exam tickets, and even keep track of colleges that interest you.

How to Register

1. Go to the College Board Website sign-up page:

2. Click on Student

3. Fill out the online personal information form.

4. Create a user name and password

5. Students and parents can opt to sign-up for the College Board newsletter.

It's that easy!

If you already have an account go to to log in.

Trouble Shooting

If you are having trouble signing in, utilize the forgot username/password links for instructions on account access. The HVS counseling staff does NOT have access to usernames or passwords. For problems viewing score reports, go to College Board's Help page: If your problem is not addressed on College Board's Help page, you can contact customer service at 866-756-7346.


CollegeGo is an app that guides students and parents through college planning. Search for scholarships, explore colleges and majors, and connect your College Board account for access to all of your test scores!
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