Penn Cambria Middle School

Back to School News - August 2021

New Teachers/Teacher Changes at PCMS

PCMS welcomes Mrs. Susan Reed. Mrs. Reed is coming from PCI to teach 5th grade Mathematics. Also, Mrs. Christine Trexler will be substituting for Mrs. Cathy Whited and teaching Family & Consumer Science. Staff changes at PCMS: Mrs. Amanda Smorto will be teaching 6th grade Mathematics, Mr. Nick Felus will be teaching 5th & 6th Grade Science, and Mr. Ben Watt will be the Dean of Students/Gifted Support Teacher.

Bell Schedule - Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays

7:25-7:53 Homeroom/AM Announcements @7:50

7:56-8:41 Period 1

8:44-9:29 Period 2

9:32-10:17 Period 3

10:20-11:05 Period 4

11:08-11:53 Period 5

Grade 6: Lunch 11:08-11:38 Grade 6: Chorus/Tutor 11:38-11:53

Grade 8: Lunch 11:23-11:53 Grade 8: Chorus/Tutor 11:08-11:23

11:56-12:41 Period 6

Grade 5: Lunch 11:56-12:26 Grade 5: Chorus/Tutor 12:26-12:41

Grade 7: Lunch 12:11-12:41 Grade 7: Chorus/Tutor 11:56-12:11

12:44-1:29 Period 7

1:32-2:17 Period 8 PM Announcements @1:32

2:20-2:23 Homeroom

2:23 Dismissal

Bell Schedule - Tuesdays Only

7:25-7:53 Homeroom/AM Announcements @7:50

7:53-8:18 Second Step Program

8:21-9:01 Period 1

9:04-9:44 Period 2

9:47-10:27 Period 3

10:30-11:10 Period 4

11:13-11:58 Period 5

Grade 6: Lunch 11:13-11:43 Grade 6: Chorus/Tutor 11:43-11:58

Grade 8: Lunch 11:28-11:58 Grade 6: Chorus/Tutor 11:13-11:28

12:01-12:46 Period 6

Grade 5: Lunch 12:01-12:31 Grade 5: Chorus/Tutor 12:31-12:46

Grade 7: Lunch 12:16-12:46 Grade 7: Chorus/Tutor 12:01-12:16

12:49-1:29 Period 7

1:32-2:17 Period 8 PM Announcements @1:32

2:20-2:23 Homeroom

2:23 Dismissal

Second Step Social-Emotional Learning

We know the middle school years can be challenging for our students. Our middle school will be starting every Tuesday morning with Second Step, a research-based social-emotional learning program to help students develop skills to persevere through challenges, problem-solve and connect with others. The first unit focuses on mindsets and goals.

Student Picture Days for PCMS Students 2021-2022

Grades 5 & 6 - Tuesday September 21st

Grades 7 & 8 & Make-Ups - Wednesday September 22nd

Student Attendance

We understand students get sick and must miss school at various times throughout the year. But, it is extremely important students provide the PCMS office with a written excuse from a parent/guardian within 3-days of the absence. If an excuse is NOT provided within the 3-days, the absence(s) are illegal. Once a student receives three (3) illegal absences, an attendance letter will be sent home. The PC school district must file truancy charges with the local magistrate when a student reaches seven (7) illegal absences and a court hearing will take place. Please make sure when your child misses school due to illness, they return to school with an excuse.

Grading / MMS Gradebook

Penn Cambria Middle School uses the following grade scale:

A = 93-100%

B = 85-92%

C = 78-84%

D = 70-77%

F = Below 70%

You can access your child's grades at any time in MMS Gradebook. If you need access to the District Grading System (MMS), please contact our middle school guidance counselor, Renee Myers, at 814-886-4181 Extension 3005.

Accelerated Reader (AR)

* AR promotes and facilitates independent student reading.

* It is important that students read books at their ability level to ensure they are comprehending

what they are reading.

* AR will count for 10% of a students ELA grader per marking period.

* AR Grades are based on both total points & comprehension accuracy.

* Students must take all AR tests at school. There will be time during each school day for

students to AR test.

* Below are the point goals each student must attain during each marking period. These point goals are based on grade equivalency for approximately 15-20 minutes of independent reading per day:

5th Grade: 10 AR Points Per Marking Period

6th Grade: 12 AR Points Per Marking Period

7th Grade: 14 AR Points Per Marking Period

8th Grade: 17 AR points Per Marking Period

Cafeteria / Nutrition / Free & Reduced Lunches

Penn Cambria Cafeteria is able to provide all students with both breakfast and lunch at no charge to families during the 2021-2022 school year under a waiver from the USDA.

We strongly encourage families to still complete the free and reduced-price meal application online as your family may be eligible for other benefits under the program. If you need a paper copy of the application, please call the Middle School.

Parents/guardians may choose to deposit money into a student account with the cafeteria for ala carte items. Parents may also check student food service accounts online by going to the district website. The Food Service Manager’s phone number is 886-8121 @ Ext. 2152.

Precision Measurement Modules from Snap-on Industrial and Starrett

NEW THIS YEAR! PCMS students will have an opportunity to participate in industry-credentialed modules focused on precision measures such as tape and rule measurement and angle measurement this year in Technology Education class. The training materials through Snap-on Industrial and Starrett were purchased through our district Teacher in the Workplace program.

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Mr. Dane Harrold - PCMS Principal

Mr. Ben Watt - PCMS Dean of Students

Mrs. Robin Stasik - PCMS Secretary

Mrs. Renee Myers - PCMS Guidance Counselor