Should we be proud or ashamed of american society?


Expansion of electricty

New ways to produce energy were being made such as wind mills. The wind mill allowed people to work faster and produce a lot faster and make money faster.

Oil and Refining

Oil changed the way stuff was being manufactured by burning oil. and it was a positive thing for the united states because the production of things was faster and time was used better.


When the subway was invented it allowed people to travel place faster and find new job opportunities. this was a positive thing because it allowed people to get places faster


Ellis Island

Ellis Island was where new immigrants arrived when they were coming over to the united states they were questioned and had a medical exam to check how they were.


Americanization started when they wanted Indians o be more like American people they began to send kids are to America school to help them be more American they changed a lot about they cut their have and complete changed their religions beliefs

Chines Exclusion Act

After a lot of Chinese came over to the united states the Americans stated to believe that they were taking over all the job opportunities so they decided to stop alowing the Chinese to come in to the united states



Tenements were apartment like homes that had most need utilities which had family of 5-8 living in them many tenements lack need stuff like toilets

Mass Transit

Mass tracit was a postive thing because it allowed people to move and start a new life and allow them to get places faster

Sob Homes

Due to the lack of wood and other things need to make home people stated to use mud to build there small homes to be able to stay in a small city and statrt forming a life.this was a postive thing because people where willing to live in mub homes so they could be in the united states


19th Amendment

The 19th amenndnent was the right for women to vote. This change the way people saw women and was a very positive thing for the united states because it changed thing women .

Pure food and Durg Act

The pure food and drug act change the food and drug industry in a postive way. This made rule on how our food was being prosesed and helped prevent unnessasary deaths.

Plessy v. Ferguson

The plessy v. Ferguson was a lawsuit about race this ended in a very negative was that would affect american society the finally choice was "seprate but legal" this chocie endend up leading to many unnessasary african American daeths


Yellow Journalism

Yellow jornalism was jornalist who were writing over done stories and spreding true yet false stories about what was going on.this was a negative thing for the united states because news was no longer accurate it was all misinterpreted

Square deal

The square deal was a program that was formed by Teddy Roosevelt and this program had 3 things it was about conservation of natural resources, control of corporations, and consumer protection this was a positive things to the united states because I help the united states keep I mind nature .


World War I



M- Militarism

The belief that ones country has the best army and military

A- alliences

Were groups that were being formed and they would only trade with each other


People who wanted to take over others county


Nationalism was believing that ones country was better than everyone else's

MAIN was a very negative thing for the united states because it made everyone not want to stop fighting because they wanted to prove everyone wrong.

Modern Warfare

Modern warfare changed the way WWI was gought becuase of all the new technology this was both a postive and negative thing becuase we had lots of new ways to fight thru oceans and land using submarines and tanks...etc. also was a negative affect because people wouldn't get as tired so this kept the war going on for a long time.

Zimmerman Note

The zimmeran note was a telgram sent to mexico from germany saying they wanted to go in to war against the united states which negatively affect the united staates because it was one of the cause for the united states going in to world war one alsothe united state where very confused because the didn't understand why germany would send a telgram to mexico when germany and the unoted states had no drama