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A Career as a Chef

Why should I become a chef?

Why not? Salary income, no matter how many hours you get a week, you are guaranteed to get a set amount on your paycheck unlike hourly employees. Experience matters the most, work experience in this field is needed more than a fancy degree. School can give you insight of how a kitchen should work and how a chef should be, but does not necessarily mean school can prepare you for the work that needs to be done. The skills that you earn when you become a chef can be used in everyday life, being able to cook good meals for your family and friends to see smiles and enjoyment on their faces will bring a warmth to your heart. Becoming a chef is to devote your time to feed and entertain people who come to your establishment. To be able to make amazing food is a privilege to make people around you happy.

This is what we do

Often, Chefs:

  • organize menus and food on restaurant menus.
  • They direct kitchen staff
  • Create new and original meals,
  • Order product and repair SOME equipment.
  • Organize meetings for special events such as banquets and weddings, prepare meals for banquets and weddings.
  • Prepare product for storage and meals.

This is how we do it

Becoming a chef is not an easy process. On average, 5 years of schooling is needed to get certified. (1) A degree isn't necessarily an essential step in becoming a chef, however, today most chefs will attend some sort of culinary school to earn a degree. A education should come from chefs who have experience in the kitchen and are able to pass down their skills. (2)
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How can I become a chef?

Well, let's have Bobby Flay explain. (3)
Bobby Flay on How to Become a Professional Chef

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