Mrs. Butera's News

January 29, 2016

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100th Day

The 100th day of school is approaching fast. If we do not have any snow days, our 100th day will be on February 8th. I am sending home a brown lunch bag for the children to bring a 100 collection to school in. In past years students have brought in 100 pennies, paperclips, beads, stickers, Cheerios, etc... Please do not feel like you need to buy anything. I am sure that there are things around your house that would work. Please send in the collections on the 8th.

Mrs. Defosse has taken a full time position at another school. We will miss her. Mrs. Evans will be staying with us for the remainder of the year. We are very happy to have her join our room.

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Penguin Quiz

In the past few weeks we have been studying penguins. Please give your child this quiz and be amazed as to what they have learned!

1) Where do penguins live? (Antarctica and near New Zealand)

2) What is the smallest type of penguin? (fairy penguin)

3) What is the largest type of penguin? (Emperor)

4) How tall is an Emperor penguin? ( about as tall as a kindergartener)

5) What do you call a baby penguin? (a chick)

6) What does a mother penguin do after she lays an egg? ( She passes the egg to the father)

7) What does the dad do with the egg? ( He keeps it warm on his feet and puts his belly over it)

8) What is tobogganing? (when the penguin slides on their belly to get around)

9) How can you tell if a penguin is a grown up or a baby? ( a baby has grey fur and an adult has waterproof feathers)

10) What do penguins eat? (fish and krill)

11) Who are penguins predators? (killer whales, leopard seals and some birds)

12) Why is it important for a penguins to keep their egg warm? (if it sits on the ice it will freeze and the baby will not survive)

13) How fast can penguins swim? (25 fast as cars on Wakefield Street)

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Yesterday the kids and I were having a discussion about hibernation. They came up with a long list of animals that the thought might hibernate. Then we read a book to find out some info on which animals do. We used the computer to find out about the other animals that were on our list, but were not mentioned in the book. The kids were very into this subject. We came up with a list of 14 different animals that hibernate! Ask you child about it.

Computer Web Sites

Name: ______________________________________________

Here are some websites to have your child try when they bring their computer home: Username: wakefieldh Password: books (password is jbutera1) - You will need to put my email in and then your child’s first name. Each child has a password to this. I am putting a copy of these sites in their folder and that will have their password on it.

Don't forget: Winter Vacation is the week of February 14th

Have a great weekend!