Viewing a New Life

Little Things Change Peoples Feelings

My Conflict

It all happened when the bike hit, crushing my finger. Even though I broke a bone, I didn't realize it would change my life. When I went to school the next week, I had a cast on and everyone wanted to know what happened. I become popular by the cast. But once I got it off, everyone avoided me. They though I was a beast, because of my finger. No one would talk to me, hang around me, or do anything. I tried to make some fun out of it, but it got boring eventually. I tried to do things to get attention, but they didn't work. I now hide my broken finger because of all the peoples thoughts about it, and about me.

The Doctor.

The Doctor. The one man I will always hate. Because he did this to me. He is the reason my finger is stunted, and slightly deformed. Because he did something stupid, that he shouldn't have. He grabbed my Bone and yanked it, thinking it was my nail. From that moment, even if he didn't realize it, he'd be the reason my life is like this. Where people think I am gross, or a beast because of my finger. Like this is Beauty and the Beast. With my being Beauty, and my finger being my beast.

My One Weakness

I haven't shown my finger to anyone lately, mainly for my own feeling towards myself, and also there feelings. Because in this world, peoples options towards people mean everything. Even though I usually don't care what people think about me with anything else, this is the only thing that I care about what they say. I don't care what they think about how I dress or how I look, but once they start to talk about my finger, I get defensive, and start to care. Even though I know I shouldn't, because it'll only fuel them, because if they don't like me, they will have just found my one weakness, one that could end me.


"If they don't like me, they will have just found my one weakness, one that could end me."