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Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms for sale $$$

If you need to buy a new fire alarm we have them for sale here. A fire alarm is a life saving device and may save you and your family's life in a house fire and is a needed electronic in all house holds. We also sell fire batteries here that you may also need if your fire alarm is out of battery cause there is no point having an alarm without a battery.
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Emergency Evacuation when your fire alarm goes off.

You should already have made an emergency evacuation plan with your family, so when your fire alarm goes off, go to your emergency meeting point and make sure all your family members are there and call 000 and within minutes you should have the fire brigade there to help you. Your fire alarm is there to tell you of a fire in your house so check them monthly to avoid death
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Bush Fires: Preperation

  • Your bushfire survival plan is one of the best ways to help improve the safety of you and your family before the bushfire, after and during.
    Preparation for a bushfire is not just about cleaning up around the house and having a survival plan if there is an emergency. Its also about making sure you consider you mental,physical and emotional state. Prepare you and your family for bushfires.
  • Bush Fires: Act

    During periods of increased bush fire danger in your area, its important that you stay up to date about fires in your area. Part of knowing what to do is knowing the Bush fire danger ratings. The Fire Danger Ratings should be your thing for activating your bush fire survival plan. The safety of you, your family and your home may depend on it.

    Bush Fires: Survive

    The levels are: Advice, Watch And Act and Emergency Warning. These alert levels are used as fire spreads. During a fire, you need to follow your Bush Fire Survival Plan, meaning u should have already decided whether your going to leave early or stay and defend you home. The safest option for you and your family during a bush fire is to leave early. Sometimes, things don’t go to plan, that’s why you need a back up plan. During a bush fire, it’s important you have ready access to items which may save your life.

    The heat from a bush fire can kill you. That’s why it’s important to wear clothing that will not only protect you from the heat but also from smoke and embers.