5th Grade Science News

Mrs. Flowers

This Week in 5th Grade Science

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving Break! I was able to get a lot of much needed rest and time with family.

For the first few days of this week, students will be presenting their Science Fair Projects to the class. I am looking forward to hearing about what everyone learned during this process!

The class will spend the last part of the week studying and discussing the nervous system.
Before break I scheduled a Chapter 5 Test for December 5. I have rescheduled that test for Friday, December 12. Students will be given a study guide to help them prepare for the test.

Map Testing

Beginning tomorrow through Friday, December 12 FSAPS students will be taking MAP tests. Students will take the test for 5th grade Science on Thursday of this week. I have prepared quizlet cards (online note cards) to help students review material for the test. Instead of homework this week, I would like students to go through all of the quizlet cards at least once before Thursday.
Students can use the following link to assess the cards: http://quizlet.com/60433080/5th-grade-map-study-cards-flash-cards/

The cards are only a portion of possible information that students might encounter on the test. I will continue to add cards, as I have time, throughout the rest of the school year. Students are welcome to use the cards any time.

Extra Credit

It's hard to believe, but we only have three weeks left in the first semester! Many students have approached me and asked for extra credit in order to improve their grade. I will make an extra credit packet available to students beginning tomorrow. If the packet is completed and turned in by Monday, December 8, I will add 3 points to the students lowest test grade.
This is an optional assignment and students who do not participate will not be penalized.