Goldfields For Children And Women



There wore many women in the goldfields. There were about more then 160,000 women in the goldfields. There were over 600,000 women in Victoria between 1851 to 1860. About 5% of the women were single and about 95% of them were married. Many of those women did a lot of the work at 1851 while wen dig. In 1861 there were about 150,000 women on the goldfields. Most of those women were married. But at least 5100 were single. The women who were single mostly mine, pan, dig and stuff like those. In the year 1874 there was a population of women of 170,000 women digging, minning and panning.


Many children had to move schools very often because people moved very often to other places that had gold. So many children wore not educated enough. They were not educated enough because families wanted to get richer by earning a lot of gold. that is why the moved a lot. It was taking a long time for schools to be built. Families did not get rich enough becuase the mines were geting empty quickly. So families went to bigger and richer mines. Also many people got rich except more people didn't.

However people were in a much of trouble finding gold because it was tough and hard because like I said mines get empty quickly. People traveled to far distance to earn gold. People had to act like it was a matter between life and death. If not people had to steal gold to become rich but some are very lucky to earn a lot of gold in many places. Children even had to quit school so that they can help there dad to find gold.

Children had to help there parents mine and dig. They even had to help there mum cook and collect wood also build tents so they can eat, drink and sleep. Children never had time to go to school which means they were not as smart as these days. :D

women and children's health

Many women had a hard life living. For example when they gave birth the women got sick or died. Or they had a sickness and had a tough life living. They got sick because of health or got sick for some problem. There life was cramped and really annoying. They had to do the cooking pick up the kids clean the house and mine, pan and dig if they needed to.

However there were always more men then women. They had to also buy the food. If they had to they joined the men in mining, panning and digging also if they wanted to go faster the children would help to. The children also got sick because of there health. The children also had to clean the house cook and buy if they had to. Children got sick because of epidemics, illness, deptheria, whopping cough, measles, typhoid and scarlet fever and ect.

75% of the children in the goldfields dieded and 25% of the parents dieded. They dieded because they did not have any medics, doctors or hospitals. Except most of the chinese people dieded because they knew how to heal there own self. The children were buried in Pennyweight's Flat Children Cemetery. Many of these children dieded because of these sicknesses. Many of these children dieded because there was no solution or cure.

If there was a cure in the goldfields not many women and children would of dieded. Usually children dieded because they had to have a shower in dirty water. Also the women also dieded alot is because if a women was giving birth the women would have some assistance but they would give birth then if possible died instantly. :D

Jobs In The Goldfields

Jobs in the goldfield for men were mining, panning, pluming and towing. Jobs for women were cooking, picking up the kids, if possible help men and at the end clean up the house. The children would help there mum, mine, pan and plum with there dad if they helped there mum they would go buy the vegetables clean the tent like the sleeping bags etc... The women would cook and the men would buy food. Also the men used the cradle to separate the gold from the water. Many of the men that came all of the world like Asians, Italians, French, German and Polish do these things.

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Roles and Responsibilites of women in the Goldfields

During the gold rush times, the womens job was to cook, clean and help mining or panning while the man mines. As well as that women took there children to school then went back home to do what she had to do. Women had to chop vegetables mine if so and help people assist other women who need help.

They went to the mini shops nere by to buy food like vegetables fish and meat if there is any. They assisted women if they were giving birth and help people if they sick or had a virus like a flu, measles and stuff like that. Women had to help men if there was nothing to do and after like about six hours the women go pick up there children from school. Women had to make snacks and meals for the children and men. They also had to get clean water some how or eles they would get thirsty.

Many women had to manily consentrate on fod and water or in other words things they must need to survive. They had to go to the shop every second or third day of the week to buy some food for the family. Many women were very desperate to get rich. Women had major tough jobs because They had to go back and forward because they went to the shop, go help the men the go pick up the children then come back home.

Many of the women forced there husbands to go to the gold fields to mine for gold because like I said they were very desparate to get rich. That is because if they didn't they would become poor. In the goldfields the shop keepers did get rich because they earned a lot of moeny by selling many stuff. :D