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How To Lay Carpet Properly

Actually carpet installation is not a difficult task but having rolls laid in limited working space is a big issue. We have here some of the useful information that you may use in order to learn the proper ways on how to lay either your plush carpet or pad at home. The common size of carpet is 12 foot in width which seems too heavy to carry.

Carpet Pad Laying

The carpet pad installation doesn't use any glue or adhesive just to fix the floor covering on the floor. But you have to remain on the floor’s perimeter to halt it from moving and forming some lumps.

1. Make a wooden tack strip installed, this works over the entire room's perimeter. It is affixed on the subfloor with its end set up toward the wall. The small points are attached onto the wooden tack strip, grasp the floor covering and hold it down till it is carefully extend across the tack strip. The tack strips must have a space away from the wall at the range with the same density as the floor covering you are installing.

2. Put the carpet pad over the tack strip's layout and then stick it to the subfloor. The pad can be trimmed easily with the used of a sharp knife. You are able to join two edges of the pad using a strong adhesive tape like a duct tape.

3. Carefully lay the floor covering to its designated place, control your movements while conducting this. Bring it over the points of the tack strips which demands the use of a kicker and a carpet stretcher. Remember, these essential tools are simple to use for professionals, but for beginners it is risky to utilize.

An expert installer will plan to set up the seams in areas with low foot traffic and visibility. All seams are then cut following the double cut method and the two sections are joined using a seaming tape. He will then put the tape under the seam, next bring it up and use a seaming iron to melt it. Later, he will squeeze the carpet onto the tape and seize the portions jointly ahead of making the adhesive less warm.

If you decide not to perform this method then you have to find a professional carpet installer, you can visit here!