LS Connect #8

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Edit Mask & Instant Alpha Features in Pages

We have all been there: throwing together valentines at the last minute for our kids, trying to put the finishing touches on a birthday invitation, prepping a handout for a lesson next week...and the clip art we've chosen just won't cooperate. Either it doesn't layer properly or you have a pesky background color preventing you from getting it just right.

In Pages, there are two nice clip art and photo editing features worth mentioning: one called the "Edit Mask" button and the other called the "Instant Alpha" button. Both buttons are under the "Format" menu in Pages. We invite you to check out the screenshots below to learn how these two features can be used to enhance your digital productions.

Admittedly, I am a podcast junkie. My long-time favorite podcasts include Serial, Criminal, Theory of Everything, 99 Percent Invisible, Undisclosed, and Strangers. However, a brand new-to-me podcast that I have to share is called "Note to Self," and it proclaims to provide your weekly reminder to question everything. The most recent episodes I listened to were about LEGOs and creativity (SO.GOOD.) and the real life of a 16-year-old girl and her smartphone. This is important stuff for all of us to think about, and I highly recommend that you take a listen. Subscribing to any of these podcasts is completely free.

You can find the Note to Self podcast and many others here.