Globalization: Africa

Cultural traits come to dominate in most territories.
Nike Sweatshops

My product is my Nike shoes and they were made in Africa. Nike has alot of problems like the sweatshops

Some problems with Nike is that they work they're employees to much. They also pay people like Tiger woods more money than their own workers.

Nike's possible solution

A solution is that they could have less people working but pay them more. If Nike doesn't want to do that they could have more people but pay them less. If they refuse with this also they can try to increase payment or decrease payment.

politic globalization

When I think of political globalization I think of how other countries want to become a democracy.

economic globalization

Economic globalization is when other countries want to become more like the U.S and have a more fixed economy

Technological Globalization

Social globalization is when other countries like Africa want to become better with more electronically made stuff

Cultural Globalization

Cultural globalization is affecting the world. Cultural globalization is when people kind of adapt to the culture of the place that they are living in. Like if the person lived in Italy they would adapt by speaking the same language and by eating the same foods as people in Italy do. Cultural globalization also means that people could be sending their food around the world. Everything we have really isn't from here. A problem in Africa is the fact that the people that work there barely get paid

The video above will show you what globalization is.

Some maps that involve africas transportation, population, natural resource, and other maps