Ken Wills

By Joshua Spendiff

Why I picked him

I picked Ken Wills because he is the only big entrepreneur in Kent which I could imagine feels pretty good, He inspires me to become a big entrepreneur So people could say the same about me.

Who is Ken Wills?

Ken is a successful entrepreneurial businessman, with businesses around the world, including the UK, Cambodia, Ukraine and China. His business interests are wide and varied and include such areas as Aviation, Construction and Property. In addition he also has a substantial property portfolio in the UK consisting of commercial and residential properties.

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What Skills, characteristics

Ken Wills has many good skills and quality's which includes: Confidence, Organised, Creative, determined, Direct and mostly a great leader.

Firstly, being confident is a key characteristic to an entrepreneur such as Ken Wills this is due to him needing to present himself in the correct manner when speaking to other important businessman and he needs to be confident in his own decisions, if he is not nor will his customers! Secondly, Ken wills needs to be creative his is due to him needing unique ideas that know one has ever seen before, this will maximize his sales due to there being less competition.

Next, he needs to be determined and relentless this is because not everything will go his way and when he doesn't he needs patients and persistence. Finally, Ken wills needs to be a good leader, because this is the foundation of the business and him being a good leader will propel the business forward.