"Do you like studying living organisms?"By: Zoë Gumm3rd hour

Basic information about being a biologist

1. You need to know what to do in this career.

2. If you want to get into a good college that has a lot to offer for this career then you will have to get good grades in high school.

3. Nearly half of Biological scientists work in research and development.

4. Some biological scientists work in management or administration.

5. They mostly work 40 hours a week.

6. They usually work in clean, bright, and well- ventilated labs.

7. The more experienced you are the more money you will make.

8. Most people that have this type of job have a doctorates degree.

9. They mostly hire people with a doctorates degree.

10. You make up to $92,030.

What I need in high school and college for becoming a biologist

Some helpful high school courses are...

1. Biotechnology

2. Chemistry

3. Math

4. Science

5. Science

6. English

7. Social studies

All in advanced

8. Calculus

9. Advanced calculus

10. Anatomy

11. Physiology

12. Statistics and probability

Many facts and or information about biology

Biologists study living organisms, most biologists pick a specific type of life science tho. But nearly half of biological scientists work in research and development. At some random times they may try to increase knowledge on living organisms. Biological scientists study living organisms and the relationship they have with the environment.

Pros and cons


1. You will be able to have access to computers in is good because you will be able to have access to a computer if you may need it for one of your classes or something else like that.

2. The campus is very large. That can be good and bad, because the larger that it is that means that the more the people there will be because there will be more room for more people.

3. The campus is in a large city. That can be good and bad, because in the city there is a lot to do but it can also be bad because there will be a lot of noise expecially if you are close to a high way.


1.You have to share dorms. That is bad because some people aren't a people person and they just want to be alone all the time.

2. They only have division one basketball. That is bad because the higher the division the better chance you have on getting in to the NBA or WNBA!

3. To many people because of the large size of the campus. There would be way to many people for the size of the campus because of the size of the city it's in.

Job advertisement

Are you interested in biology? If so you should become a biologist today! Because they study all living organisms and there relationships with the environment. You will work up to 40 hours a week and or more. If you work up to 40 hours a week you will work 180 hours a month.