Sandro Botticelli


Background Information

His real name is Alessandro Filipepi. He changed his name because his brother's name was Botticello. He was born in the year 1445 in Florence, Italy. He died in the year 1510 in Florence, Italy.

Impact on Everyday Life

He helped build the Sistine Chapel that is still standing today. He also painted the Primavera, where the people represented all the wonderful things that happened in spring.


Sandro Botticeli painted The Birth of Venus and The Primavera. He also contributed to the frescoes in the Sistine Chapel.

Interesting Facts

He was famous for his religous pictures/paintings but his most famous works were paintings of his Greek and Roman mythology. He was interested in making his paintings beautiful in a fancy way. He also used lines in his artwork to give it a feeling of movement.
Sandro Botticelli - Italian Renaissance Artist

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