Confessions of a Murder Suspect

By: James Patterson

You Couldn't kill your Parents...

or COULD you...

Review By: Alan Wang

372 pages long

The Scoop on Tandy:

Tandy has a problem. Her parents were killed and she wants to know how. She looks all around the luxurious apartment and find a key to why she and her brothers Hugo, Harry and Matt have been so smart, or so strong .When she get's so close to finding the answer,the detective on the case believes that Tandy was the killer of her parents.Tandy is having conflicts with the Detective while trying to solve the case. She is Determined, and Tandy is going to find the murderer, even if it’s one of her brothers…or herself

I am like Tandy because I never stop asking questions and wanting to know more.If I am stuck on a mystery I always try to solve it, even if I get in trouble for it. I use my clue finding skills to do my homework or check my work. When I have time, I always think back on the problem and keep on thinking about it until l I have to leave or go somewhere.