Mental Matters

April 8, 2022

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Overflowing with Frustration

I have to remind myself constantly that it is okay for my child to be frustrated. I remind myself that this is a part of learning and life. As parents, we want to don our superhero cape and save them from this angst. But, kids need to experience hardships to build a tolerance and to build successes when they overcome. Instead we need to guide them through learning how to cope when they feel uncomfortable, annoyed, upset or irritable. This helps them to develop independence, perseverance and grit. Use the analogy below to help your child understand.

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Our bodies have a frustration tolerance cup. Frustrating experiences fill up the cup throughout the day, like water would. You come home tired and irritable. Your frustration tolerance cup is very close to overflowing. We can do some things to make sure that we aren't walking around with our cup too full. Then we won't spill when we pour a little more into it. Some ways to pour some water out of your frustration tolerance cup: Ask for an earlier bedtime. You'll wake up to an emptier cup the next morning. Stretch or do some yoga poses. Hug your loved one (including pets!). Close your eyes and think about someone you love. Take a warm shower or bath. Dance it out. Talk to someone about how you're feeling. Take slow, deep breaths. By the middle of the day, your cup is filling up with frustration. You might be feeling irritable with a lot of emotions inside. Sometimes if our cup is really, really full, even the tiniest drop can make it spill. When that happens, very strong emotions come out of our bodies and it can get very messy. However, when our big emotions have an outlet our cup gets emptied again. So that’s a good thing.

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I was not able to meet with the kindergarten classes this week due to helping with kindergarten round up and proctoring the state tests with the fifth graders. Thankfully, I still got to touch base with each one of them during their lunchtime!

First Grade

This week we started a unit focused on self-awareness. We started by discussing what it means to be self-aware. The students then completed a directed drawing of Bob, who is a character in the book Bob the Artist. Bob is a bird who is embarrassed by his physical features. He tries to change to fit in, but then discovers that he can be proud of being unique by designing a different beak for himself.

Second Grade

In second grade, we focused on being a team player. The students were asked to distinguish between examples of teamwork that were positive and those that needed improvement. The students then worked as a team to put together a puzzle. This required each student to have a particular role that they were in charge of to be a positive member of the team.
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Food and Clothing Pantry

If you need food or clothing, fill out the anonymous request form. Your items will be delivered to MTE's loading dock within a week. You will create your own ID number on the form, which you'll then use to identify your items in the loading dock. This process is completely anonymous. Please click the link below.
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What was your best moment at school today?

Tell me something that made you laugh today.

Who did you help today? Who helped you today?

When were you the happiest today?

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