Dust Bowl #2

The past might just be the future.

The past

The dust bowl occurred because all of the crop land dried up. This happened because there was little rain. This caused all the land to become dry. Because it was dry the wind picked up the dust and made dust storms. This is how the first dust storm happened. “When dust obscures sun, is it 'cloudy?” "Some People Thought the End of the World was at Hand when Every Trace of Daylight was Obliterated at 4:00 PM." Liberal News, 15 April 1935.

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The next Dust Bowl might all ready be here!!!

The dust bowl might not be so far away. Another dust bowl could happen because there is exceptional droughts in the Midwest. These droughts will cause dust. There would be dust swirling everywhere. You would not be able to see out of your car. It would all be black.

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Arizona Dust Storm Time Lapse

This is how we can prevent another Dust Bowl.

Use the same method that firemen use to spray the dust with water. This will prevent the land from becoming dusty. After that you need to plant seeds and water them. If they grow, the dust will be no more. Each day it will be $819,000 for 90 planes. Are water source will be the ocean. We will filter the water in the plane right before it drops.