E Team Newsletter

Week of September 22nd

Scientists Come Alive!

Students were asked to draw an illustration of what comes to mind when they think of the word 'Scientist'. Below are the creative images that came to mind! We discussed the stereotypes of scientists and students discovered that scientists come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Even they will be asked to act as scientists this year!


Students have been busy this week learning about Properties of Multiplication (Commutative, Identity, Associative and Distributive), Order of Operations and solving Combination Word Problems. These are concepts that will be revisited throughout the year.

The Accelerated Math (AM) Program is off and running. Students are expected to master at least 3 objectives weekly. Our 'week' runs from Friday mornings to Thursday afternoons. I run the report after school on Thursdays. Students have time to work on AM every morning and they are allowed to take it home to work on it as well. I do allow students to use calculators on AM.

There are several students who have already met goal for the quarter! Our goal is 21 objectives. The following students have ALREADY met that goal!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Morgan C.

Greek Mythology

This week in Language Arts we continued to study Greek Mythology. We read the myth of Jason and the Argonauts. We learned that Jason went on a quest for the Golden Fleece just like Percy Jackson did in the book/movie The Sea of Monsters. We are making connections with traditional Greek Mythology and current books and movies. We have also made connections to the Harry Potter series. In many Greek Mythology stories there is an Oracle that makes predictions and there is also one in Harry Potter.

We have also learned about some "coined" phrases that come from Greek Mythology; Mother Earth, chaos, to harp and Herculean task.

Some questions you can ask your child:

1. Why did Jason go on the quest for the Golden Fleece?

2. Why did the Goddess Hera help Jason on his quest?

3. Why were myths created by the people of Greece?

4. What other Gods and Goddess have you learned about?

5. How are the stories that you have been reading similar to the Percy Jackson and Harry Potter stories?

Important Dates

October 7th - PTO Atlanta Bread and Sweet Frog Night

October 10th - Orchestra at Maiden High School
October 17th - Blackburn Blast - Stop by and see Ms. Ellis and Mrs. Esposito at the BBES Cornhole game
October 30-31st - Teacher Work Days - Conferences
November 11th - Veteran's Day - No School
November 26-28 - Thanksgiving Vacation
December 5th - Box Top Collection
December 22-31 - Winter Break - No School
March 20th - Science Center Field Trip - Chaperones needed
April 22nd - Tossed Away Recycling Play
April/May - Diamond Dell TBD