Vanguard East News!

November 2019

1st-8th Grade Spelling Bee

We are very excited that Vanguard will be participating in the National Spelling Bee program for the first time this year! Your student received a letter with a study list attached based on their grade last week. All students are invited to participate, however, it is not mandatory. Classroom Bees will be held during the week of November 11-15 in grades 1-8. One winner will be determined in each class, and that student will move on to compete in the school wide spelling bee which will be held January 24, 2020. The winner of the school wide bee will have the opportunity to participate in the State Bee which is held March 14, 2020. The winner of the State Bee will be able to travel to Washington D.C. where the National Bee is held and compete for some amazing prizes! This year, the 1st place prize was $40,000 in addition to an engraved trophy, reference library and a trip to New York City to appear on several television talk shows. We look forward to watching our students shine with this new opportunity!

Staff anniversary recognition

On Oct. 21st, Vanguard East recognized the staff members that have been working here for five years or longer. The following staff have been here for five years: Nathan Bryant, Alex Reiman, Bonnie Drees, Jeanne Easton, Apryle Bullock, Wendy Holtz, Kasey Frey, Jillian Kim, Jessica Seiter, and Jessica Stayton. We have one employee that has been with Vanguard for 10 years - our health clerk Jessica Nieves. Please take a moment and thank them when you see them!

Staff Members of the Month

Jackie Tilkins

Ms. Tilkens is the K-5 Physical Education teacher.

Ryan Moore

Mr. Moore teaches 6th grade Language Arts, British Literature, and Modern Literature in the upper school.

Winter is Coming!

Cold weather has arrived! Colorado weather can be unpredictable, so proper outerwear is very important. Please send your students to school prepared for inclement weather. This includes a coat warm enough for outdoor weather, hats, and gloves. Outdoor recess is an important part of the day. Unless the temperature outside is well below freezing or weather conditions are dangerous, we will send students outside for recess and dismissal. For this reason, it is essential that they are warm enough to stay outside. If your student's coat or other belongings go missing, be sure to check the Lost and Found in the front office.

With the winter months come the possibility of school closures and schedule changes. The decision to change school schedules because of adverse conditions is based on one factor; the safety of all students and staff.

  • Vanguard follows the district (Aurora Public Schools ie. Adams-Arapahoe 28J) with regard to school closures, late starts, etc. and we reserve the right to additional closures if deemed necessary.
  • The Director makes every effort to decide and announce decisions to close school before 6:00 am.
  • Please refer to your local AM radio (850 KOA) and television stations (KCNC Channel 4, KMGH Channel 7, KUSA Channel 9, KDVR Channel 31) for official notification.
  • Vanguard will also announce closures on its website and via School Messenger.

Family Involvement Needed

Please take a moment to fill out this short survey.

Second Step and Lifeskills

During the month of November the East campus will continue to teach the social and emotional skills using the Second Step and LifeSkills curriculums. East campus will be using Second Step for 2nd to 5th grade while grades 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 11th will be participating in LifeSkills.

Second Step

Second Step is an evidence-based social- emotional learning curriculum that helps students develop the necessary skills they need in order to be successful both in and outside of the classroom. Social-emotional learning is all about teaching students how to better understand, manage, and express their emotions. Second Step works on teaching children about empathy, how to build positive relationships, and how to make responsible decisions. It also teaches our students how to gain confidence, set and obtain positive goals, and how to navigate their world more effectively. Second Step is taught in the classroom setting by the student’s teacher and uses age-appropriate games and activities to keep the students engaged and interested.

To read more about Second Step please access the links below:

  1. To read about Second Steps success in the classroom setting and the evidence that supports this program access the link below:

  2. To read an overview of the program please access the link below:

  3. To learn about the elementary (K-5) Second Step program please access the link below:

  4. To learn more about the Second Step 6th grade curriculum please access the link below:


LifeSkills is an evidence-based social-emotional curriculum that is focused on substance abuse and violence prevention. LifeSkills is a unique substance abuse and violence prevention program because it does not simply discuss the dangers and risks associated with this type of risky behavior but rather works to target the reasons that teenagers and youth engage in substance use and violence. LifeSkills works to build students confidence, teach them how to cope with difficult emotions such as anger, stress, and anxiety, and teach them how to resist peer pressure. LifeSkills also teaches students important skills such as how to make positive decisions, how to effectively communicate with others, and builds students' social skills. LifeSkills also helps build unique skills for our high school students, such as how to create a realistic budget, how to set goals, and time management skills.

LifeSkills targets three main competency areas for youth:

  1. Personal Self-Management Skills. This includes teaching students the value of good health, responsible decision making, and how to manage difficult emotions.

  2. General Social Skills: This includes teaching students about how to communicate with others, as well as how to develop health relationships.

  3. Drug & Violence Resistance Skills. This teaches youth about the risks associated with violence and substance use as well as how the media and advertisements are targeting them and how to resist.

LifeSkills is taught twice a week in advisory at both the West and East Campus by their advisory teacher.

To read more about LifeSkills please visit the LifeSkills website or any of the links below.

  1. To gain a better understanding of LifeSkills and get a more in depth overview please visit the link below:

  2. To read more about the success of LifeSkills’s and read more about the evidence that supports this program please visit the link below:

  3. To read more about the LifeSkills middle school program (6th-8th grade) please visit the link below:

  4. To read more about the LifeSkills 9th grade program please visit the link below


  1. To read more about the LifeSkills 11th grade program please visit the link below:

If you have any further questions about the Second Step or LifeSkills curriculum please reach out to Caroline DuBreuil at the East Campus.

Caroline DuBreuil:

Core Virtue of the Month for November is . . . Gratitude

Vanguard focuses on one core virtue each month in our classrooms. The core virtue for November is gratitude. Gratitude is defined as thankfulness for the gifts in life.

K-5 News

Calling all Veterans and Active Military Members!

In preparation for our upcoming Veterans Day Celebration on Monday, 11/11, we're asking families to provide photos of your favorite members of the military (veterans or active). Please email your photos to Ms. Van Luit at by Wednesday, 11/6.

Core Knowledge Events

Every year, each grade level selects two units of study to enhance through a Core Knowledge Event. Families contribute to the festivities, so be on the lookout for information from your child's teachers.

Upcoming CK Events:

  • 11/22: Kindergarten celebrates Thanksgiving
  • 12/17: 2nd grade celebrates Ancient Greece
  • 12/19: 3rd grade celebrates Ancient Rome

6-12 News

Fall Middle School sports

Middle School Fall Sports:

Girls Volleyball showed a lot growth in skill development. The 8th grade girls showed great leadership throughout their season and helped the 6th and 7th graders on their team. The volleyball girls stayed committed to their team and fought hard in the tournament. They won a total of 3 games in their season.

Cross Country:

This season the cross country team showed great growth. The girls were able to place third overall for all 4 meets, and 2 of our girls placed in the top ten 3/4 meets. The boys were able to place in the top ten 2/4 meets. Overall the cross country team showed great teamwork and Vanguard Spirit.

Fall High School sports

This fall 2019 Vanguard started to make its first step toward becoming a member of the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) in 2021 by having our high school students compete in the Front Range High School Charter School League. While the league does not offer all of the athletics that CHSAA offers high school students were able to compete in Girls Volleyball and Boys Soccer. In most cases the student-athletes were a bit overwhelmed with juggling their studies and practices/games but they did adapt to the expectations of being a student-athlete. The girls volleyball team came together before the start of league play and qualified for the Gold League which goes to the top ten teams of all of the volleyball teams. Under the guidance of Coach Young the girls competed each competition and in the end of the season tournament they won the Breakout Bracket which is a huge step for a first year team. The boys soccer team played weekly as well and finished in the top four within the league. In the end of the season tournament they lost in the semi-finals. Both programs were able to lay a strong foundation for athletics at Vanguard Classical for other student-athletes and athletic teams.
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High School Homecoming Dance

Our annual homecoming dance will be held for high school students on Saturday Nov. 9 from 6:00-9:00 pm. This year's theme is Wild West Rodeo. Students from other high schools may attend but must complete a form that is available from Ms. Stayton or the front office. These forms are due to Ms. Keedy no later than November 8. New forms will not be accepted at the door.

Safe2Tell presentations

During the month of October the East Campus participated in presentations for the Safe2Tell program for their middle and high school students. Safe2Tell is a statewide anonymous way for students, parents, and community members to report unsafe or concerning behaviors in order prevent a tragedy from occurring.

Safe2Tell was created by the Colorado legislature after the Columbine shooting in order to try and prevent other school massacres from occurring. Research has demonstrated that in 81% of all violent incidents occurring in United States schools, someone besides the attacker knew some sort of violence was going to occur but failed to report it. Many times this type of information goes unreported because the individual fears that they might be regarded as a “snitch” or “tattletale” or are afraid of retaliation from the other individual. In order to combat these fears and break the code of silence, Colorado developed Safe2Tell. Safe2Tell has developed into an anonymous reporting tool that operates 24-hours a day and investigates any report that deals with the safety or well being of others.

Any report made to Safe2Tell is always kept anonymous and is protected by Colorado state law. When a report is made the report is sent the Colorado State Patrol communication center to be evaluated. When action is needed that information is then sent to local law enforcement as well as school officials to be investigated and provide intervention. Safe2Tell has also developed a component of accountability to ensure that all reports are investigated by school and law enforcement officials, tracks what actions were taken, and that the outcome is documented.

Safe2Tell reports can be made three ways:

  1. Through the website:

  2. Through the Safe2Tell App which is free for all Android or Iphone users. The app can be located in the Google Play Store or the Apple Store on the phone.

  3. Through a phone call or text message: 1-877-542-7233

Safe2Tell gets thousands of reports each year regarding unsafe or concerning behaviors such as bullying, substance use, child abuse, suicide threats, school attacks or planned violence, and many more. Safe2Tell has been a critical way to keep our schools and communities safe and we encourage both our students and parents to use this program if they are ever concerned about about a friend, peer, or concerned about violence occurring. It is all of our responsibility to say something when we notice an unsafe or concerning situation and Safe2Tell provides a safe and anonymous way to do so. No incident is ever too small or insignificant for Safe2Tell to investigate so we encourage our students, parents, and community members to always reach out.

Below are resources from the Safe2Tell website. Feel free to visit the Safe2Tell website with your children in order to help yourself and your child with getting familiar with the Safe2Tell program and its process.

  1. Reporting Concerns and Process:

  2. Parent Resources:

  3. Student Resources to report:

  4. Student Lounge and Student Resources:

For any other questions or concerns regarding Safe2Tell please reach out to Caroline DuBreuil at the East Campus

Caroline DuBreuil:

VCS East Events

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Fall back - clock reset

Sunday, Nov. 3rd, 2am

Vanguard East

Don't forget to reset your clocks back on Sunday, 11/3!
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High School Sports Banquet

Tuesday, Nov. 5th, 5:30-7:30pm

Media Center at East

Come and celebrate our very first high school athletic season on 11/5. Please bring a dish to share. Sign up for banquet dishes will be the week of 10/28 with Coach Fregoso.

Middle School Sports Banquet

Wednesday, Nov. 6th, 5:30-7:30pm

Media Center at East

Come and celebrate with our middle school athletes on 11/6. Please bring a dish to share. Sign up for banquet dishes will be the week of 10/28 Coach Fregoso.
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$2 Jeans Day

Friday, Nov. 8th, 7:30am-3:45pm

VCS East

High School Homecoming Dance

Saturday, Nov. 9th, 6:30-9pm

17101 East Ohio Drive

Aurora, CO

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Veterans Day Celebration

Monday, Nov. 11th, 2:30pm

VCS East Cafetorium

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Thanksgiving Break

Monday, Nov. 25th, 12am to Friday, Nov. 29th, 12am

VCS East

We are thankful for you! Happy Thanksgiving!
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K-2 Winter Concert

Wednesday, Dec. 4th, 6-6:30pm

VCS East Cafetorium

3-5 Winter Concert

Thursday, Dec. 5th, 6-6:30pm

VCS East Cafetorium