Make Monday Matter

April 20, 2015


"Do not what the clock. Do what it does. Keep on going".

Sam Levenson

Self Reports


Please complete your self reports II & III by Friday, April 24.

Faculty Meeting

There will NOT be a faculty meeting tomorrow.

Paraprofessional Evaluations

Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Stanley and I will begin paraprofessional evaluations this week. We will be sending you more information.

Pasta for Pennies

Fundraiser for the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society.

You have raised over $1200.00. This fundraiser will continue through Friday, April 24. Encourage students to continue to bring their pennies. The winners for each hall will be announced next week.

Discipline referrals


When you send a discipline referral please remember to select a discipline officer. When you don't select an officer no one gets an email to alert them regarding the problem.

Storage Rooms


When you have some extra time (ha) please check out your storage area. Those areas need some attention. You may need to straighten things up or make a trip to the dumpster.

Box Tops

Box Tops are due into Mrs. Stanley tomorrow.

Pre k & Headstart

If you haven't already---please turn your parent sign out sheet (from the zoo Friday) into Petra.