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December 18, 2015


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Merry & Bright

Sometimes the journey toward personalized learning...or just learning in general... feels like a tangled mess of holiday lights. You can find the beginning and the end, but the GLOB in the middle is messy, and takes time and patience to uncurl. We are there, friends...right in the middle. If we can hang in there, we are sure to enjoy the fruits of that labor!

We have accomplished a TREMENDOUS amount of work. Launch Schools have completed their full deployments, Group 1 and 2 have completed their design, and some of them have deployed staff devices in preparation for student deployments in January. LEARNING LOOKS DIFFERENT in so many classrooms across Fulton County, and we are so proud of that!

I hope your holiday is full of rest and rejuvenation. In case you need a bit of food for thought over the break, I have pulled some Good Reads below.

Also, in this first ever Gift-Giving Guide, you see some links to great gifts for the EdTech lover in your life. Be well, and Enjoy!

Best, Stephanee


Vanguard Learning Experience

On January 5th, the Vanguard Team will be spread across the Metro area on a mission. Members will have a chance to explore how places like Delta, Chick-Fil-A, the Human Rights Museum, and the College Football Hall of Fame DESIGN EXPERIENCES.

They will then translate these lessons into our K-12 lens. Look for some GREAT ideas! Below you can find their pre-learning (a great model for your own PD) and some info on Learner Experiences (LX) the wave of our Personalized Learning future.


Good Reads


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EdTech Wishlists for the Gift-Giving Season

Fun and Frivolity



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