'Camping 33 Orientales', and 'Quebrada de Los Cuervos'

Camping 33 Orientales

The campsite is only 3 minutes from the downtown. It has bus service every 1 hour in high season

From Camping "33 Orientales" You can also do routes for their wide varied area, get to the Puente Nuevo, which is unsinkable and is located precisely at kilometer 185 of Route 5.

At the campsite you can rent canoes, bicycles and horses, all that is a good idea to enjoy the nature in the area.

Quebrada de Los cuervos

"La Quebrada de los cuerbos" is one of the natural wonders of the Uruguayan territory, declared the country's first protected area in 1986.

It is located in the department of Treinta y Tres, 45 kilometers from the capital.

It's a throat-shaped crack, inviting an ecological tour of 3250 meters.

Its name comes from the presence of an important colony of crows in the area.

The park was taken over by the Municipality of Treinta y Tres in 1944.

The conservation of this place belonged to the neighbors for a long time, and now a member of the National System of Protected Areas.

Visitors can stay in cabins or camping, which offers barbecues, restrooms, telecommunications, first aid, guided tours and rangers.