Renewable Resources & Hydroelectric


Renewable Resources

Renewable resources is a resource that never runs out.It can help fossil fuels is when they are runing low.For example coal,oil,and natural gas.Some day we are going to run out of these resources.That is why we have renewable resources.Some renewable resources can harm the earth.Others definitely help the earth.Renewable resources are very important to have.Renewable resources are much cleaner for the enviorment.It also can be very exspensive,to build a wind turbine,a hydroeletric dam and many others.


Hydroeletric is flowing water,that flowing water produces energy.This enery comes from water dams.Dams are found mostly in small rivers.Water comes and goes into the dam,the dam produces enery.Hydropower is electricity generated by the power of moving water.Power plants have been built since the end of the nineteenth century.That,s how long we used hydroelectric.

Advantages of Hydroelectric

Hydropower can be created 24/7.It is absolutely a clean sources of energy.It is one of the cleanest ways to produce electricity.Hydroelectric is a renewable energy source,because of the gravitational force of falling or flowing water.Water can be replaced every time it rains.Hydropower provides 15th of the worlds energy.

Disadvantages of Hydroelectricity

Hydroelectric is a form of electricity,there can be good and bad things,Fish and animals under water travel across dams but the block their way.It can take a lot of money to make a hydroelectric dam.The power of the water from the dam can break and destroy living things around it.such as trees,and animals homes.Somtimes waves can be so big it can destroy much more things.