beatuy salon

nail and hair solan By: Mary & Bronwhyn

what to know

What you need to do is go to a college that provides cosmetology or is just for cosmetology. Then choose to be one of the following:

hair color, shampoo technician or cosmetology.

Then once you choose your class you can get started. You will go through learning how to design nails all the way to do hair doos.

academy of hair desighn

Tuesday, March 24th, 12am

5191 West Charleston Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV

This is a beauty school that is for beauty

what are some schools

1. Marinello schools of beauty (it is also number 7 in another location.)

2. Paul Mitchel the school las Vegas

3. academy of hair design

4. advanced beauty schools of cosmetology

5. James albert school of cosmetology

what are these courses

lets explain to you what each of these courses are and some information.

this video from you tube will show you how to do a simple hair style.

Short Hair & Side Buns : How to Create the Side Bun on Short Hair

about the video

This video shows examples of a simple hair style with a complicated hair length. It shows what you need to do and what you need.

Good Bye

this a good school to go too in las vegas

Wednesday, March 25th, 9pm

4001 South Decatur Boulevard

Las Vegas, NV