By: Angelo Daddona

Why did Argentina's economy lean towards agriculture in stead of a more industrial country?

Because of the fertile soil in the Pampas Plains farming is a reasonable economy to lean towards to. Some crops that Argentina produces is corn, wheat, sugar, and soybeans. Some other farms produce grapes, apples, sunflower seeds, and potatoes. Argentina also supplies eggs, milk, poultry, tea, beef, and wool too.

What religion are most Argentinians, where did they migrate from and why?

Argentina's population is 92% Roman Catholicism. Most immigrants came from the European area and arrived because of the governments encouragement for other European settlement .

What are some of the major landforms in Argentina?

One of the most important landforms in Argentina are the fertile vast Pampas. The Pampas is the worlds largest fertile plains. This is where all of Argentina's major crops and livestock are grown because of the soil. Now, located to the northeast of the country the swampy, flat Chaco plains. And between the Andes and the Atlantic Ocean, lies the Patagonia from Rio Negro River to Tierra del Fuego. The Patigonia is mostly rugged, and barren land.

Was there any past major wars that greatly affected Argentina,and if so, what was the cause?

There has been over 10 wars that Argentina had participated in, some major and some not so much. But one of the most important, was the Spanish American Wars of Independence. The sub war the Argentina War of Independence, which lasted from 1810-1825. The cause of the war were the numerous wars against Spanish Rule in Spanish America.