Domestic Violence

Dating and Domestic Violence of Young Adults

Let's see the Numbers... (from NCADV, 2007)

Women ages 16-24 experience the highest rate of domestic violence
  • 21% of college students have experienced dating violence by a current partner
  • 32% of college students have experienced dating violence by a former partner
  • 1/4 of female students experience sexual assault during college
  • 90% of the victims know their attacker

Occurrence vs. Awareness

There is a gap between the occurrence and the awareness of domestic violence. Many cases of domestic violence go unreported. Sometimes, people do not even realize it is abuse because it is within a "dating relationship." Several non profit groups have made efforts to create more awareness.

Obstacles Facing College Students

  • Fear of parents forcing them to leave the school
  • Feel isolated because they are away from home for the first time
  • Cannot afford support
  • Fear of the attacker
  • Social media allows the abuser to easily control the victim
Domestic Violence PSA
It Ends Where it Begins - Anti-Domestic Violence PSA
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